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Company History


H.L. Hunt Beginnings - 1911

The story of Hunt Oil Company, a subsidiary of Hunt Consolidated, Inc., spans much of the oil industry's colorful history. From H.L. Hunt's initial involvement in the Arkansas and East Texas oil boom of the 1920s, to its global presence today, Hunt Oil Company is known for discovering oil in places where others never thought to look.

H.L. Hunt, Hunt Oil Company's legendary founder, was born on an Illinois farm in 1889. He left home at 15 and worked as a cowboy, a lumberjack and a laborer until he saved enough money to buy a relatively small cotton plantation in Arkansas in 1911.

Although subsequent floods and an agricultural depression caused this farming venture to fail, by 1921 H.L. Hunt had recouped enough capital to start anew, at the same time that oil was discovered in El Dorado, Arkansas. Quickly caught up in the "black gold" fever of that moment, the 32-year-old Hunt moved to El Dorado, where he began trading oil and gas leases. Soon he began his own drilling operations with increasing success.